Walbury Hill 2017


G/SE-001 – Not quite a mountain

It was a fine Saturday morning so decided it was time to bag my ‘local’.  We quickly gathered the essentials and jumped into the car for the short drive over to Walbury Hill.  Parking is easy in the large area to the west of the summit marked on the map as a viewpoint.  It’s just a quick walk up the track and over a field to the trig point.

I set up next to the trig point and quickly bagged the required contacts.  It was railways on the air weekend so three of my contacts were with special event stations located at railway sites.

With the point in the bag we packed up the kit and headed for home returning in time for lunch.

Journey Details

Date – 23rd September 2017

Postcode – RG17 9EL

Parking – SU 370 620

Radio – Kenwood TH-D74 + 50W PA on 2m

Antenna – 2 ele yagi

Band – 144 FM

Contacts – 5

SOTA points – 1

Group – Myself and Jacob


Walking Route Summary


[whohit]Walbury Hill 2017[/whohit]

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    1. Hi James,
      I have used various amps with this radio. Currently I am using the Microset SR-100 which has been working well. Although it is rated at 100W, with only 5W drive from the Kenwood it puts out about 50w which is plenty for use on UK summits. It is also very lightweight compared to older amps which helps a lot on the way up the hills. I have a 90 deg adapter on the ant port which I use to attach a MFJ Long Ranger antenna directly to the back, this setup gets out really well. The ant is an end fed half wave so works without any ground which makes it well suited for portable operation. On the flatter tops with poor takeoff I put the Long Ranger on top of a 6m pole with a coax down to the amp. Guaranteed success with that set up.
      Andrew – M1CJE

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